House plants will continue to grow if their roots are healthy. If you've noticed that your house plants hadn't been growing any new leaves, it's most likely time to repot it in some fresh potting mix.

This FOR MY PLANTS potting mix will help you take care of your house plants easier. It is:

  • made from the highest quality ingredients used by professionals
  • does not compress - it remains airy and well-draining
  • 100% clean from all pests, bugs, and fungus. It has passed the Phytosanitary certification
  • safe for pets

The loose soil mix is also suitable for sowing herbs, vegetables, summer outdoor flowers, and microgreens.

Ingredients: sustainably harvested peat, 30% perlite, dolomite lime, wetting agent

Properties: pH 6, Structure Fine (0-10mm), EC - (1:5 v/v) <15, Bulk density - 115 g/l, Degree of decomposition H2-H5

Lisa ostukorvi
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