Sweet, salty and effervescent – this scent is juicy tangerine and white peach with a salty deep-sea dry down.

Coveted for its moisture enriching amino acid content, the addition of Nori blurs the line of functional and fragrant in this hyper modern scent.

Thrill of anticipation, deliberate, about something, to no purpose, a first touch, neon light, tingling up your spine…

Rather than clouding your personality with a consistent intensity, the beauty of all natural ingredients is that they’ll evolve on your skin, working with your natural body chemistry to create a unique scent. One that will continually evolve throughout the day.

Scent notes: Tangerine, White Peach, Plant Derived Musk, Nori

Material: 100% natural ingredients, glass bottle

All ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantees fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.

Lisa ostukorvi
69 €