Create a moment of presence & explore the powerful properties of purifying incense, known to cleanse the space of unwanted energy and ground in the present moment.

All-round smudging set with our best-selling products. Packed in a beautiful, minimalist box, comes together with a how-to booklet. Makes a perfect gift for a friend, a loved one, or yourself.

Palo Santo - Removes negative energy, neutralizes tension in the body, calms the emotions and harmonizes the mind. Its fragrance will soothe your senses and help to de-stress. 

White Sage - The most commonly used, versatile and effective cleansing incense. Used primarily to cleanse the space and restore balance.

Sage incense sticks - Discover the scent of fresh white sage, known to cleanse the space and restore balance. These all-natural, Japanese incense sticks have a much subtler scent and are less smokey than many of the other incense. 

Incense holder - A clay incense holder handmade in Nepal. 

Lisa ostukorvi
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